Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mineral Makeup Pros and Cons (part 2 of 2)


Another good this about mineral makeup, is that you can wear it for almost 8 hours while you are on the pool.  It is water resistant.  You do not have to worry about having your makeup smudging or leaking throughout the day.  Manufacturer would even claim that you can go to bed with your makeup on and wake up the next day with the makeup still intact.


There are two sides of a coin, they say.   Unfortunately, with mineral makeup, there are limited choices.  Since they use natural colourings, there are limited options specially, for dark skinned women.

Another downside is that, there are ingredients that can still have harmful effects.  Remember that our bodies react differently on different minerals. So eve if several women claim that they do not form any allergic reaction to the mineral makeup’s components, you should still be cautious since your body may react differently.  Some minerals which are getting complaints are the bismuth oxychoride and mica.  They claim, that there sometimes it becomes itchy and that the face turns red.  They say that this happens during hot climate.

Mineral makeup’s ability to be water resistant can be both beneficial and detrimental.  Because it is water resistant, taking it off would take much time and effort than regular makeup.

Since mineral makeup is also in loose powder form, application can be messier than regular makeup especially for those who are not yet familiar on how to use one.  And also, it is not really travel friendly because of its loose form.

If you are interested in taking a healthier path, then definitely mineral makeup is the best for you.  Some women find that it is appealing but are very much concerned on the application process and technique.  There are different ways on how learn the application, there are websites and people who can help you out.

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